We are dedicated to sewing industries in North America as sewing machine service agent and sewing machine dealer. Be sure to check out the many benefits of sewing.

Main service

  • Pattern sewing/circle sewing program design, pattern clamp customization, and its machine service.
  • Sewing tools, folders and automation devices customization and modification.
  • Sewing machine installation, setup, repair and maintenance.
  • Sewing technology consultation.
  • Used sewing machine rebuild, recondition and exchange.
sewing machine

Product supply

  • Regular sewing machine for garment manufacturing
  • Heavy duty special sewing machine for leather, neoprene, headwear, tarp and canvas.
  • Sewing automation machines for large and modern production.
  • Spare parts, accessories, sewing tools and sewing material.
  • Attachment and automation devices
  • Heat press machine, laminating machine, die cutting machines.
  • Gluing taping machines.

Brand suppliers

  • Juki Union Special, Yamato, Brother.
  • Tajima, Baruda, Singer, Pfaff, Consew, Pegasus, Eastman.
  • Kainsai psecial, Wolf, Treasure, Korea ASOSA, Sunstar.
  • China Shanggong, Typical, Taiwan Tacking and Siruba.
  • Insta, Hix and Geo Knight heat press machines.

We Service & Supply

  • Design pattern sewing programs.
  • Customize pattern sewing clamps.
  • Machines, parts and service.
  • Supply flatlock seamers, and parts.
  • Service and technical consultation.
  • Sewing fleece, lycra, and neoprene
  • Second hand machines.
  • Service and parts.
  • Threads and accessories.
  • Machines, parts and service.
  • Attachment and automation.
  • Special sewing tools.